Chen Lusheng: not reading is the stubborn disease of the art circle!

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Chen Lusheng was born in 1956 in Yangzhong city, Jiangsu Province.In 1985, he graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Nanjing University of the Arts with a master’s degree in fine arts history and theory.I won liu Haisu Scholarship twice in school.In 1985, he was assigned to the People’s Fine Arts Publishing House and successively served as the editor and director of the classical fine arts editing office.In 2002, he was transferred to the Chinese Painting Research Institute as director of research department and researcher.In 2004, he was transferred to The National Art Museum of China as director of academic Department and executive deputy editor of the Monthly Magazine of National Art Museum of China.In 2010, he was transferred to the National Museum of China as assistant curator. From November 2010 to August 2016, he served as deputy Curator of the National Museum of China.China’s famous artist, art critic, art historian and famous museum.Do not read and all day about innovation, it is very shallow and stupid practice!There are more and more books, but fewer and fewer people in the art world read them.This is a rather absurd paradox.The number of artists who love and read books is very limited.Now, the society has created a lot of famous painting and calligraphy masters, some people also self-styled as masters of Sinology, Sinologist, but the level may not be as good as primary and secondary school teachers.It is natural and simple for an artist to read books. How can it be a problem?In the impetuous social atmosphere, artists’ cultural responsibility and responsibility of The Times are missing.We see a painter as a profession, as a job, as a laborer merely creating economic value.This standard of value judgment is undoubtedly deviated from art noumenon.Many people only focus on techniques and human processing, do not know the connotation of art!The establishment of modern art academy system is a double-edged sword, which can recruit art students in large quantities, but at the same time pulls down the aesthetic cultural texture.In this link, the role of the academy of Art teachers is very critical.During the Period of the Republic of China, their predecessors not only gave students “skills”, but also set an example for students by their insight into the history of art and their emphasis on cultural accomplishment.But what about our current teachers?No matter how deep your research is, you can’t even read a few books.How can teachers guide students to read when they do not read?This is a grotesque age in which society’s understanding, expectations and demands of the meaning of painting are declining.People judge the achievement of an artist, and whether the artist has studied, and the cultural connotation of the painting has nothing to do with, but by the price of the painting, art association and the position of the art academy.In such an atmosphere, artists will unconsciously stay in the pursuit of technical level, deal with social relations, and do not go to study, to improve their cultural accomplishment.Reading is to be a man and strengthen self-cultivation, related to the artistic taste of the painter!Reading is to understand benevolence, righteousness, propriety and shame letter, is to be a man.People are not straight, how to art?Reading is also to strengthen the cultivation of painters, their artistic research and predecessors’ ideas linked.Can we not look forward to the future with deep feeling?Because I don’t really have any reason to look forward to it.As I mentioned, the lack of reading is also a cancer and disease in the art world. At present, there is no feasible solution, at least I can’t find one.We can appeal, but who cares?