Directly hit the city’s nucleic acid testing | Pudong “Angel Sampling Group”, leading the nucleic acid testing of millions of residents!

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At 4:30 this morning, 15 buses carrying more than 400 elite soldiers from Pudong Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, led by 1,800 support teams from the region and other provinces, rushed to 700 locations in 9 surrounding towns to undertake nucleic acid testing tasks for millions of residents.Since 6 o ‘clock, “angel sampling group” formal mining!Photo: “Angel Sampling Group” of Pudong Hospital (the same below) In Fengting Community, Xuanqiao, Pudong, residents of 60 buildings are taking nucleic acid samples.Pudong Hospital has divided the emergency sampling team into four companies, with several shifts under each company.Pudong hospital “company commander” Fu Bo told reporters that today, in Xuanqiao Fengting community set up three points.Last night, the wechat “emergency sampling group” of Pudong Hospital was filled with messages all night, including division of labor, personnel docking, material preparation and information checking…At 7 PM, Pudong Hospital began to contact the communities of Jie and Town to arrange matchmaking and docking personnel. After receiving the task list in the early morning, the tasks were broken down and assigned to people.In order to ensure the time, many samplers stay in nearby hotels early, on command, immediately set out!”In the morning, residents scanned nucleic acid test reservation codes in advance, kept distance and took turns to take nucleic acid tests in an orderly manner.”Fu Bo said.”Angel sampling Group” is the “good name” given by Pudong Hospital for sampling staff.Even before the current outbreak, Pudong Hospital undertook the task of emergency sampling in Pudong and Puxi.When a positive case was found in Shanghai Disneyland, the sampling team rushed to the scene and spent a sleepless night.A few days ago, the sampling group rushed to Puxi support, “minor injury is not in the line of fire,” has become a consensus.Qiao Xianghong, an “old squad leader”, was ordered to become a “company commander”.Today, the 52-year-old is in charge of sampling coordination in Cambridge.”Sampling starts at 6 a.m., and the preparatory work in front must be thorough and meticulous to make sure nothing goes wrong.”She told reporters, in accordance with the control area and control area of different policies, which people do not sample, which people 3 households a tube, which people a tube, which people sampling, etc., have to confirm the sampling information in advance.In the wee hours of the morning, Qiao Xianghong got the task list, immediately opened the account, the machine point-to-point, round-the-clock assignment of good tasks.Each neighborhood committee contact person, where to pick up medical staff, etc., should be “seamless”.In this “angel sampling group”, there are also many medical staff from other provinces and cities, they come from jiangxi, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other hospitals.”Although we are strangers, our hearts are linked by the common goal of fighting the epidemic.We immediately communicated and divided the work when we received the assignment.