Evening peak, foshan baby emergency hospital, a “life channel” opened!

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This article is from: Huanqiu Only 5 months old baby breathing difficulties parents sent to the hospital in an emergency but the evening peak what to do!!Recently,Such a breathtaking scene took place in Shunde Lecong on the evening of January 25, foshan 110 received help from a citizen, Mr. Rong, who said he was driving to the hospital with a 5-month-old baby who was choking on milk. However, during the evening rush hour, the traffic flow of Mr. Rong was stuck in the congested roadAfter receiving the report, the command center of The Public Security Bureau of Shunde District, Foshan City immediately ordered the nearby iron Riders on duty to go to help.Fighters players found in car dragon turned white vehicles immediately the whistling all the way Make every effort to cooperate with the vehicle flow passage in order to ensure the shortest time to escort the baby to the hospital at the same time scheduling command center work closely with the motion of the two cars along the route opened the green wave That need to be 15 minutes in just 5 minutes then rushed to the hospital Win a valuable treatment time for the babyWhen people need help They come in a timely manner to give citizens of aggravation Is the escort of peace sudden syncope, emergency hospital 17 PM on 27 January, foshan city public security bureau traffic police brigade fighters players in the south China sea bureau level road sections during late peak patrol duty, suddenly saw a woman by the side of the road in waving for help, and immediately asked.It turned out that Xiao Du (pseudonym), the son of Ms. Peng, suddenly fainted and was lying on the ground. His face was pale and his hands and feet were cold. His body still twitched from time to time and he looked very painful.The ironriders made a quick decision and immediately informed the ambulance to arrive, while reporting the situation to the command center and opening green wave release for the route along the way.Then an ambulance arrived at the scene.After taking Du to an ambulance, the riders sounded sirens and signaled for vehicles along the way to give way, and finally reached the hospital in just over three minutes.On January 23, the police auxiliary staff of southwest police station of Sanshui Branch of Foshan Public Security Bureau found an old man sitting on the side of the road for a long time with no one around to take care of him. They immediately stepped forward to understand the situation.A closer look, police auxiliary personnel found that the old man’s head has been bleeding, and trance, a dull face, many inquiries are no response.Because the old man is in the position of vehicles come and go, and the body with injuries, for safety considerations, police auxiliary personnel will help it to a safe position and call an ambulance.After a period of time, the old man gradually recovered, took out the mobile phone from his pocket and handed it to the police auxiliary personnel next to him, and finally managed to contact his family.After that, the old man’s family and ambulance have arrived, police auxiliary staff together to send the old man back to work after the ambulance.It is understood that the old man went out alone that day, because the road was wet, accidentally fell and hit his head, the body has no serious problem.In case of emergency, please dial 110 for help