Is the DM- I expensive?Unfortunately, you didn’t want to buy it anyway

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The pre-sale price of BYD DM-I was announced, which caused a hot discussion on the Internet. Many people thought that its price was too high, and the pre-sale price of the new car seemed to exceed many people’s psychological expectations.Today, I will discuss with you why BYD Han DM-I “dare” to set this price and why it set this price.The phenomenon that the Chinese DM-I is too expensive is criticized by the whole Internet, which makes me want to discuss: why is it ok for the joint-venture brand car to sell more than 200,000 yuan, but not for the self-owned brand car?What more is the momentum of byd?In the past, independent brands failed to hit the car market of 200,000 yuan and above, largely because independent brands at this level basically have no core competitiveness and brand image has not been improved. It is undoubtedly superficial to try to improve the car market purely by appearance level, size or rich configuration.But now, the independent brand image is not what it used to be, although there is still a distance from the joint venture brand, but has been able to affect consumers’ choice of comparison.In the 200,000-level car market, joint venture brands are still in the world at present, and there are not too many independent brand cars with a strong sense of presence except Han, which may be worth mentioning is Xiaopeng P7.Gac Toyota’s Camry, GaC Honda’s Accord and FAW-Volkswagen’s Magitoon are all hot midsize cars at this price point, and you have to cross these three “mountains” to get a foothold there.If say han EV can sell like hot because of its pure electric identity, successfully hit the traditional big factories fragile soft rib of new energy, formed an effective dislocation competition, then “can burn oil” Han DM-I is a head-to-head with them.Han is targeting medium and large cars, and they are medium-sized cars, in fact, Han is a higher level, a higher starting price is reasonable.Of course, the class talk is just icing on the cake, more like marketing metaphysics.At the end of the day, without hard power, these are all frills.Obviously, “internal success” byd has this hard power, this internal success is dM-I super hybrid system.The market reaction has proved that the DM-I is enough to support han’s position. It’s hard to say whether it can surpass the powertrain of Camry, Accord and Magotan, but at least it is.In addition, HAN DM-I can be on the green plate is a big advantage of it, not only can let the new car easily in the license limit city on the plate, but also can avoid the purchase tax to save a considerable amount of money.Camry and Accord don’t have that advantage. Even in Guangzhou, consumers can buy Camry and Accord HEVs with “energy efficiency indicators,” but the purchase tax is not exempt.There is no denying that the Camry and Accord HEVs are excellent, but the HAN DM-I wins because it is a plug-in hybrid.Han DM-I has a long pure electric range, and users can even complete their daily commute by pure electric mode alone. If conditions permit, it can be used as a pure electric vehicle. If you don’t want to take trouble, HAN DM-I can achieve good fuel economy and acceleration performance in the feed state, which can be described as “saving money by people”, saving worry and money.Accord and Camry are ok, after all, they come in pure fuel and hybrid versions, and both sell well.But when it comes to Magotan, although it also has a plug-in hybrid version and has the advantage of free purchase tax on the green card, the market acceptance of Magotan GTE plug-in hybrid is not high, and the sales volume is even low to be ignored.At the same time, magotan GTE on the plug-in hybrid system, compared with BYD DM-I, really lags behind a lot, so magotan GTE to compare the Chinese DM-I obviously has no practical significance.Finally only compared to magotan pure fuel version, the HAN DM-I advantage outstanding.We haven’t tried the DM-I yet, so it’s not clear whether the driving control adjustment of this car will be a weakness compared with its joint venture competitors.However, in the current market, when Chinese consumers buy cars, the priority of driving control adjustment is not that high.In addition, this price level of BYD Han DM-I will also encounter what rivals?(1) Dongfeng Nissan Teana?The new Teana has not sold as well as its predecessor, weakening its market presence.The vehicle is only available in pure fuel version, neither HEV nor PHEV version, there is no license advantage.The key point is that the most popular cash Teana model is its 2.0L model, and the 2.0T VC-Turbo with high configuration is rarely attracted by people. In addition, the impression that “driving Teana is mostly for special cars” gradually becomes popular, so teana’s image is on the decline, and the Chinese DM-I reverse.But then again, the buyer of teana, a lot of requirements are “not merit-based but not fault”, teana 2.0L although some years ago, but in durability, like the Han DM-I equipped with new technology of the new car, but not to the taste of teana potential consumers.(2) FAW Toyota Asiatic Dragon?The Asian Dragon is positioned closer to the DM-I than the Camry, because the Asian Dragon is half a level higher than the Camry. Although everyone is called a “mid-size car”, the Asian Dragon is actually larger in size and space than the Camry.Although the sales volume of Asian Dragon is not so top, its monthly performance is also steady. Compared with DM-I, it still has disadvantages in license plate and purchase tax exemption, but it is not inferior to DM-I in other aspects.In addition, the Asian Dragon tends to be more executive and business oriented, while the Han DM-I tends to be younger.(3) SGM Buick Regal or Lacrosse?In terms of size and space, Buick Regal is an entry-level medium-sized car, with a lower price and positioning than THE HAN DM-I. Considering the terminal concessions of Buick Regal, in fact, it will not be a direct competitor with han DM-I.This car only has pure fuel version, naturally there is no license plate advantage, but it is worth mentioning that its top match – Regal GS, the price of this car and Chinese DM-I overlap, there is the possibility of cross selection, but Regal GS is a very sporty car, excellent control performance, so obviously, it is completely different from The Audience of Chinese DM-I.As for lacrosse, it is indeed on location, space, price close to the han DM -i, but this car has a longer sold in years, the current market presence is weak, just like Asian dragons, lacrosse is a bias administrative commercial wind vehicle, has a good sense of texture and class, or it is more suitable for mature consumers.However, based on the principle of “buy new, not used”, the DM- I seems to smell better.In a word, the reason why HDM – I dare to set this price is because its products have unique advantages at present, and it has become a few choices for target groups.You may not want to, but when you make a horizontal comparison, it seems that you can’t find anything better for a while, and you will still choose DM- I in the end.So why does BYD DM-I set such a price?The most important thing is that the brand appeal of BYD has been greatly improved in the past two years. The time comes to 2022. After years of development, the comparison between the independent brands and the joint venture brands is not as wide as before.Greatly shorten the distance between the independent brand and the joint venture brand.High brand appeal for BYD HAN DM-I provides survival soil.People don’t three days when sit up and take notice, now we look at the vision of independent brands do not have to like the past, think that independent brands should do low price low match or cheap car.In fact, THE pre-sale price of BYD HAN DM-I is just aligned with han EV.When han EV was launched, the official sales expectations for it were not that high, just to test the market for high-end pure electric cars.Unexpectedly, after the launch, the heat soared, and the sales were also popular, and it was not long before the average monthly sales of Han EV broke through ten thousand cars.As the sales volume of Han EV increases, the voice of Han DM-I model in the street is also getting higher and higher. Since there is a market basis, the introduction of DM-I version will undoubtedly have a wider audience, with enthusiasm and business opportunities.However, why the DM- I pre-sale price out, the whole network are “unsubscribe”?I think a big reason is that there is a misunderstanding about DM-I.It is not a synonym for low price. Don’t think of the DM-I as being cheaper than the EV.Brand upward is the only way for all brands, byd is no exception, and improving the price of models is the most intuitive performance of brand upward.In recent years, BYD has released new cars at high prices, the most obvious example being the Dolphin, which directly pierced the ceiling of 100,000 yuan for small cars.Byd’s message is simple — it no longer wants to sell cheap cars.At present, at the price of 100,000-200,000 yuan, BYD has arranged a number of fist models, such as Qin PLUS/ Destroyer 05 DM-I, Song MAX/PLUS/PRO DM-I, Yuan PLUS and so on. The product line is very rich, and the price of each model also overlapped. At this time, As byd’s flagship sedan,If enter the price of 200,000 below again, one will form internal friction, and it is not conducive to the shaping of high-end image.Moreover, BYD’s sales performance in the price range of 100,000-200,000 yuan is excellent, even to the point of short supply, no matter for the consideration of capacity or positioning, BYD han did not need to fight in this fiercely competitive Red Sea market.That’s why THE DM-I set the price.With technological advantages and market basis, it is natural to have pricing power. Combined with THE upward strategy of BYD brand, it is not difficult to understand the pre-sale price of Chinese DM-I.The editor said: objectively speaking, han DM- I’s presale price is really not low.However, I am still optimistic about the sales and prospects of DM- I.I just have a big doubt, that is why there is only one flagship model for the 242KM version of DM-I, and there is a huge price difference of 56,000 yuan between the 121KM version and the 242km version. It is because of the shortage of production capacity.Will there be more configuration models on the market?Or really such configuration allocation, temporarily unknown.As for THE DM-P model, I think its main focus is brand image rather than sales volume, and the high price is not conducive to sales volume.Han has become a phenomenon model, its significance is not only reflected in byd’s earnings data, but also it plays a demonstration role for other independent brands.