Stay up late on vacation?7 Tips to Get Your Blood Back Quickly

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Holiday is coming to an end, many people play too high to sleep during the holiday, resulting in no spirit during the day, how to do this?According to the municipal Health Commission, seven tips, including keeping a regular sleep schedule, not eating before bedtime and dimming the lights to help you fall asleep, can help you adjust your sleep schedule and sleep better.Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.When you don’t eat before going to sleep, the rhythm of some activities of your body will slow down. Eating before going to sleep will increase the burden on your stomach, which will not only affect your sleep, but also harm your health.Dim your bedroom lights about half an hour before bed to mimic nature’s transition from light to dark.Turn off most distracting electronic devices such as LED screens — they can keep your mind awake and prevent you from falling asleep.Your brain can recognize where you are sleeping and where you are awake, so don’t spend a lot of time reading or using electronic devices in bed before going to bed.Stay away from Alcohol Alcohol can “fragment” sleep and block REM sleep.Build good morpheus environment bedroom temperature unfavorable exorbitant or too low, choose suitable bedding.Wake up with natural light. Don’t sit up when you hear your alarm clock. Don’t play with your phone as soon as you wake up.Material: Shanghai published editor: Bi Yangjing * reproduced please indicate from “Shanghai Changning” shangguan number author: Shanghai Changning