The Spring Festival holiday is still “money”, this young people how hard?

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The seven-day holiday during the Spring Festival is a good time for most people to get together with their families. It is also a time for workers who have been busy for a year to have a short rest and escape from the workplace.But there are always people, but also secretly behind the “volume”, even if the holiday is also trying to make money, busy using the Spring Festival holiday, a small amount of money.Generation pets, running around the city, too many orders to take overNearly ten thousand yuan I do pet generation, began in the 2019 Spring Festival, because there are things didn’t come home at the time, just a friend let me help you to take care of her cat, because I also have two cats at home, I was ready to send information on the social platform, there is no one have this demand, asking, indeed as expected and took over two, thought is a care,3, 4 can also be taken care of, is a smooth thing.Later, in 2020 and 2021, I could not go back because of the epidemic in these two years, so I expanded the business. I began to receive orders one month before the Spring Festival. I would send advertisements on various platforms, moments of friends and communities, and I would try to receive orders as long as I could.Business this year has never been better, and I expect to make nearly ten thousand dollars.I can provide more services. Before, I just put them in my home to help raise them, but now my family can not take care of them, so I help the pets near my home to feed them.Door-to-door services include feeding, shoveling, touching and playing.Take a cat, a cat door is the price of 50 yuan at a time, if it is more than the cat family, increased 10 yuan per increase a cat, 3 km distance increases, price increase / 60/80 and 20/40 respectively and some “special services” will be an additional charge, for example, many cats left master will have separation anxiety, the host will be asked to play with for a long time,Even spanking (which some cats like to do to make them feel safe and comfortable) will require additional negotiation.Dogs are more of a hassle because they need to be taken out for longer and longer walks, so the price is correspondingly higher.In addition, due to different body types, fees are also different, with prices ranging from 70 to 150. These are one-time prices. In some communities, there are many young people, so I can pick up more than a dozen.In addition to cats and dogs, there are also a lot of people who raise different pets. I have come into contact with honeyed weasels, minks, rabbits, lizards, chameleons, parrots, etc. This depends on the degree of family members of pets and the service charges they need to provide.Because I am more carefully, and also have experience in taking care of a pet, to find my order more and more this year, all is a friend of a friend introduction, I a person also busy don’t come over, is to find a few friends to help me order, I’m a little smoke in commission, from the inside from a week before the New Year, I had the first to the seventh list is full, the workload is already saturated,I can’t take it anymore.In fact, if you are stubborn, you can also take it again, but it is difficult to serve every pet “small owner”, although the money is not much, but it is good reputation, I hope they will think of me next time, I do a long-term business.Actually now, many pet stores also have foster business, but more people in the family foster care, the door of feeding way, pet is to recognize the environment, from the environment will be more afraid of, small pet store “cells” will increase the anxiety of pet, and many pet stores don’t care, so most of the owners could not dogs and cats in the pet shop,On the other hand, it’s more expensive.Narrator: Meatballs, expected income: more than 20,000 YUAN I started this business in 2019. Before, I was also fond of studying the second luxury industry and always like buying, so I gradually began to want to do business in this field.However, I happened to catch up with a good opportunity, the price of second-hand luxury goods is quite hot in the past two years, and the business is quite good. Now I have an offline store, and I plan to open another store next year. Meanwhile, I can broadcast my bags in the store and sell them on the live broadcast platform.Luxury goods are booming during the Spring Festival, as many young people, especially those who work in big cities, want to buy expensive designer handbags to let their relatives and friends know that they are doing well in big cities.There is also the Spring Festival around, will catch up with the employees of major enterprises to give year-end bonuses, most of the girls will want to buy a bigger thing for themselves.Most of the people who come to the store to buy bags are girls, and the boys in the studio may account for 2-3 percent. Some of them want to do some fashion matching, and more of them are for their girlfriends or mothers to do holiday gifts.Because selling package will be in demand, so before the Spring Festival, I will begin to stock up in advance, some old customers, also can find my reservation in advance, the old customer in general will according to the selling price to her often, but if it is a studio or a couple, will choose this time to add the price a little, the Spring Festival is the conventional package probably hundreds of yuan, ifEspecially popular mark-up of thousands of have.Luxury prices have risen particularly sharply this year. As recently as January, Louis Vuitton raised prices on almost all of its products by between 1% and 13%.Gucci’s popular models, such as presbyages, have increased by as much as 20%-30%, while Chanel’s price is definitely financial product level. For example, the classic bag of 2.55 has been rising in recent years and has gone through several rounds of price adjustment, soaring from 38,000 yuan in 2019 to more than 60,000 yuan today.Is also for this reason that make second-hand luxury business is getting better and better, the secondary market will have more choices, such as hermes, LV distribution, will require you to buy a bag to pay even two to three times the price, but the secondary market can buy at any time, a motion on the second day can receive the package, the price also has more advantages, some package 3 to 4 fold can in my this buy,The color is also very good.But the secondary market will certainly exist chaotic situation, because there is no an industry standard, every secondhand dealer according to its own standards to price second-hand luxury, so there will be some abnormal operating space, for example, if this is the new package on counters this year, we accept to come in, can is higher than the price of the shop to buy, also immediately short selling.Some people can buy a bag for more than 10,000 yuan, but some only sell it for 6000-7000 yuan, but whether it is 10,000 yuan or 6,000 or 7,000 yuan, all of them can make money, it is just a question of earning more or less.Narrator: New, expected income: 8000-10000 YUAN I was forced to stay in the workplace for the Spring Festival this year, which was also the first time I spent the Spring Festival working overtime.In fact, Spring Festival is a very important festival for me, and my hometown will also have a special sense of ceremony, including ancestor worship, market, temple fair and other activities. However, the epidemic in the past two years has weakened the flavor of Spring Festival, and because of the epidemic policy, I give up the idea of going back home.I do operation in a major Internet companies, in fact the giant during the Spring Festival is in preparation for economic “Spring Festival”, don’t want to let others pass easily bend and giant during the Spring Festival, people will not relax, because of the nature of work, in previous years, this time will have a colleague to stay overtime, general leadership will arrange local colleagues to work overtime.However, this year, our project team also has a Project for the Spring Festival, so the team will still be busy. I volunteered to sign up for the overtime work schedule.It’s nice to make a little extra money if you can’t be with your family.According to the labor law, I will get an extra half month’s salary, which can alleviate some of my loneliness that I can’t go home.And there are many colleagues who can’t go home this year, so although we are at work, we still arranged some interesting activities, such as baking, making dumplings, teppanyaki. After work, we will go to hot springs and play karting with some colleagues. We can’t celebrate the Spring Festival at home, but we have a more wonderful and rich time.Although I can’t go home, I still work overtime voluntarily. I have a friend who works in other enterprises. She said that they are forced not to leave the work place, and they give 200 yuan in total as compensation, which looks very sweet compared to my overtime.Spring Festival lose weight division, demand before and after the Spring Festival, every day to work overtime to 3 am telling people: Tommy, expected income: more than 10000 yuan I am trill on weight loss and nutritionists, the start as a simple record, share their experience of some diet and nutrition knowledge, then slowly, more fans, they want to learn with me.I’ll simply help with some recipes and fitness plans.At the beginning, there were not many students, and only a few followed me in about half a year. However, with the increasing number of videos and fans, there were more and more students with professional needs, so I differentiated the service into ordinary members, VIP members and VVIP members.But in fact, there is a service cycle for weight loss. Each student may serve for about three months to half a year, and then the service will end.Because he has achieved his goal and mastered some knowledge and skills, he will not continue to practice with you.Therefore, during the New Year is a better time to pull new.The first peak is before the Chinese New Year, when many people have the need to lose weight before returning to their hometown.Another is that after the Chinese New Year, after indulging in eating and drinking, people will enter the period of repentance, there is also a need for this aspect.At the same time, in order to receive more orders during the Spring Festival, I will simultaneously prepare videos to be released during the Spring Festival. For example, I will teach people how to make a healthy New Year’s Eve dinner with reduced fat and how to arrange their own exercise during the Spring Festival.Therefore, I will be busy during this period of time, in the week before the New Year, IN order to help students to implement the plan, I basically went to bed at around 3 o ‘clock in the morning every day.Because I still have a job, so I want to copy, record video, all of this can only be done during off-hours.Moreover, weight loss is to be based on each person’s different constitution, can not say that a plan will be copied and pasted to all students, everyone’s requirements are not the same, according to each person’s needs and his constitution, to make different plans for him.Actually, IT’s a little hard for me to coach so many people on my own right now, and I’m still developing a team of people who are willing to do it from past success stories.On the one hand, I feel very happy to help others lose weight. Finally, I will feel a sense of achievement when I see the obvious changes in him in a few months.The job, on the other hand, I don’t need to pay too much time and energy, is also very flexible and free time, also can get high pay, an ordinary student fee is 398 yuan, VIP students is 698, vvips fee is 1298 yuan, if I may add more than 10 students, during the Spring Festival then about a month can earn tens of thousands.The cost is better than doing their own jobs.In fact, I can only be a small agent. I want to earn some money to buy vegetables during the Spring Festival.The upcoming Spring Festival, the film cattle is a good opportunity to earn money, so there are a lot of “cattle head” will be before the Spring Festival starts to recruit agents, myself is often through a cattle group buy movie tickets, this time to see him in an agent’s information, I joined, I didn’t expect too much, can make a eight hundred can also.But as far as I know, some big cattle can use the Spring Festival holiday to earn a year’s income.The scalpers’ business is simply to obtain a full reduction through various channels and exchange the tickets for a much lower price than the original ticket price. The difference is the scalpers’ profit.The source of big scalpers is very extensive, all kinds of channels to obtain movie ticket vouchers, related sets of tickets, the supply is very sufficient, some even know the theater manager, can through the regional theater line into the ticket, there are many movie studios will have employee welfare tickets, will also sell to them;Some technical scalpers are more powerful, will find a large number of system loopholes through crawlers and other ways, and then receive low tickets or even free tickets.All we small agents can do is keep helping them get people to buy tickets.Now I release information through platforms such as Xianyu and Douban. Customers first choose the theater, time, seat and number of tickets on the ticket purchase software, and then I communicate with scalpers and give me a quotation for my order. Then I add some of my own profits to finalize the price and send it to customers.After paying, he sends me the ticket or sends the ticket collection code directly to the customer’s phone.Can get a reason for this is that the Spring Festival of the first Spring Festival, seat occupied more movies, the second is the price is high, cattle still has a lot of space of the price, such as a movie ticket 60 yuan, my businessman quote me 25, I sell to customers 38-40, I also can earn, but itself, the ticket is cheap, I can only earn a few bucks.And now customers are smart, I’m so cheap, and customers want to bargain.Some will also ask several prices, and then choose the cheapest one.The reason why I do this during the Spring Festival, first of all, I have to go to see a lot of movies, also quite interested in this industry, and this will not take too much time, just to enjoy.