Why is Shen Kuo called “the most prominent Figure in the entire history of Chinese science”

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Mention of Shen Kuo, we may only hear about, for other aspects of the number of some strange.But when it comes to Meng Xi Bi Tan, one of China’s earliest encyclopedias, you should see the light at the end of the tree.That’s right. Shen Kuo was the author of Dream Stream Pen Talk, a talented person who made outstanding contributions to the history of Chinese science. What dynasty was Shen Kuo from?Shen Kuo was a native of the Northern Song Dynasty. He was born in Qiantang County, Zhejiang Province, also known as Hangzhou.Shen Kuo had a strong interest in astronomy and geography since he was young. Since his father was an official, he followed his father to visit various places and “visited” the humanities and geography of different places with his own eyes.Therefore, his childhood experience and family background helped him become a famous scientist who was good at knowledge, astronomy and geography.Once we know what dynasty Shen Kuo was, we can’t help but know his famous work dream Creek Pen Talk.Dream Stream Talks is rich in content, covering all aspects of life such as astronomy, geography, water conservancy, mathematics, medicine and music theory.Meng Xi Bi Tan is a work written by Shen Kuo in his later years. He recorded in detail the labor inventions and scientific creations of people in all walks of life, keeping the precious scientific achievements in ancient times from being lost, so that future generations can learn from them and continue to explore.In fact, Shen Kuo not only achieved remarkable achievements in science and humanities, but also had a good understanding of politics and ideology. He discovered oil, put forward the concept of environmental protection, and was an ancient simple materialist. Unfortunately, due to the political struggle in his later years, he did not get a good death.The Story of Shen Kuo When it comes to the story of Shen Kuo, there are several people who have to be mentioned. These people either had a great influence on his life or his work, and they all have an indispensable part in the story of Shen Kuo.The first person to be mentioned is Shen Kuo’s mother. Shen Kuo’s mother was a woman of great cultural restraint and cultivation. Shen Kuo was diligent and studious at home when he was young, and he finished reading ten thousand books.This also let Shen Kuo from an early age to develop a love of reading and learning good habits.And finally affect the shen kua is his father, in the story of shen kua, father played a can let shen kua eye-opening, because my father the officer is easy to move, so shen kua also had the opportunity to follow father traveled to the four winds, for shen kua later can write the MengXi talk “, of course, also have very big help.On the way of work, wang Anshi had an unavoidable relationship with Shen Kuo. After he was appointed as prime minister, Wang Anshi began to carry out the reform movement.At that time, Shen Kuo was very favored and valued by Wang Anshi. Therefore, shen Kuo at that time could be said to be high-powered and had held many important official posts.However, all these turned to ashes after wang Anshi’s reform failed. Later, Shen Kuo was demoted, demoted again and again. Shen Kuo finally gave up his desire to be an official and came to live in Mengxi Garden, where he wrote mengxi Pen Talks, which was widely read by later generations.Shen Kuo also changed from a politician to a scientist and a writer.And these three people in shen Kuo’s life of course also have indelible traces.Known as “the most outstanding figure in the entire history of Science in China”, Shen Kuo devoted himself to scientific research all his life.This famous scientist and statesman of the Northern Song Dynasty was born in an official family, but he was not lazy and lazy like other officials. On the contrary, he was very clear about what he wanted in life.When shen Kuo was young, he began to travel around with his father. At the age of 14, he had already read all the books in the family. He was also very diligent and thoughtful, which was the initial basis for his great works.One of the most famous works of Shen Kuo is Dream Xi Bi Tan.This book is a very detailed record of all kinds of knowledge in history as well as literature and science.Meng Xi Bi Tan (Mengxi Bi Tan), written by Shen Kuo, got its name because it was written in Mengxi Garden.Mengxi’s writings had a great influence on later generations, and shen Kuo was greatly admired and respected by later generations.Of course, when people often talk about Shen Kuo, they are not only full of praise for shen Kuo’s works, but also very interested in the relationship between Shen Kuo and Su Dongpo. Both of them are historical celebrities, but there are historical records that the relationship between these two people is not good.The reason was that When Su Shi was demoted, Shen Kuo also kicked him down several times.However, when they both retired to their respective homes, Shen Kuo always liked to chat with Su Dongpo, so Su Dazi hated him and loved him, but fortunately they were both knowledgeable and courteous people, and of course they could get along better.Well today’s article is over here, like history and real estate knowledge friends, you can pay attention to small armour, will update the article every day oh ^_^