Grab 20 thousand jin of high quality rice seed in agricultural huangxing exhibition economic zone for centralized seedling cultivation

2022-08-07 0 By

The first step of planting good grain is to cultivate good rice seedlings, which is an important period of early rice seedling.On the morning of March 14, the reporter learned that in order not to delay farming, huangxing Convention and Exhibition Economic Zone purchased 20,000 jin of early rice high-quality seeds and selected 122 mu of farmland for centralized seedling cultivation.At present, 7 villages (communities) under their jurisdiction are carrying out centralized seedling cultivation, totaling 2,760 mu of farmland.At 10 o ‘clock in the morning, the reporter came to dry Chinese cedar community under the house group concentrated seedling point, I saw more than 20 farmers are busy in the field, we take advantage of the good spring, grab the farming, some people in leveling the land, some people in the rice seedling tray sowing, showing a busy scene.”There are 12.8 mu of seedlings in the lower Dayu group of dry Chinese cedar community, which is expected to grow in mid-April, when farmers in the village can come here to receive seedlings.”Huang Xing exhibition economic zone agricultural comprehensive service center director Chang Xiao told reporters that this batch of seedlings can be thrown more than 300 acres of farmland.Changan village renzi bridge group concentrated seedling point in changan village renzi bridge group concentrated seedling point, the reporter saw a cultivator is working, seedling point here has 20 acres, is expected to meet 500 acres of farmland cast.At present, huangxing exhibition economic zone is grabbing good weather, spring farming work.”Each village selected a spot for centralized seedling breeding to ensure that the early rice in each village (community) can be sown according to the farming time.”Chang said that huangxing Convention and Exhibition Economic Zone bought 20,000 jin of high-quality early rice seeds in advance to two cooperatives in charge of centralized seedling cultivation, which is efficient and can reduce farmers’ planting costs.In addition, Huangxing Convention and Exhibition Economic Zone adheres to the guidance of Party building. According to the mode of “Party general branch secretary guarantees the village, branch members guarantee the block, Party group leader guarantees the group, and Party members guarantee the household”, based on the joint household of party members “135”, the system of party members being responsible for the grain planting situation of the connected households is established.At the same time on early rice planting subsidy measures, establish incentives, out of nearly 4 million yuan used for food production, according to the standard 150 yuan/mu subsidies to the early rice farmers, 220 yuan/mu standard subsidies to concentrated seedlings, for work and practice of village (community), reward 30000 yuan to 50000 yuan, a variety of ways through online conduct propaganda,We will urge rural households not to abandon wasteland to ensure smooth grain production in 2022.Reporter: Wu Tianyu editor (first instance) : Li Huan second instance: Xu Fenfen third instance: Luo Shuangping