In 1932, tsinghua Sinology examination gave the first copy of “Sun Walker”, many people handed in white paper, only one full mark

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This is the couplet mentioned in Tone Spectrum. Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and Chinese characters are the essence of Chinese culture.Chinese characters are combined to form wonderful sentences, which make couplets.In ancient times, pairing became a way of literary talent competition.In the movie “Tang Pak Fu Lighting Autumn Fragrance” starring actor Stephen Chow, tang Pak Fu, played by Stephen Chow, puts on an excellent performance of “couplets” in Washington, DC.Tang Pak Hu: ten rooms and nine poor, get together 827 money 6.54 cents, still half-hearted, first-class dirty!”Let the play in the play outside the audience are all jaw-dropping, Tang Bohu is worthy of the “Jiangnan four talents” this title.In the 1932 tsinghua University examination, also “staged” a very wonderful “couplet”.At that time, tsinghua University held the entrance exam for freshmen. For the top Tsinghua students, most of the questions on the exam paper were hidden in their brains, and they could easily answer them. However, there was a correct question, which puzzled everyone.The first half of the sentence is: “Sun walker”, the examinees are more familiar with the long sentence of the son, for such three words of the son, can not be said to play cards according to common sense.Couplets pay attention to the level and oblique coordination, antithesis should be fair, the meaning of the upper and lower should be consistent.But “Sun walker” these three words but let the examinee puzzled.This sentence can be said to be the examinee stumped, we have no way to directly disorderly, some people choose to give up directly handed in the white paper.Some candidates rambled on about the characters in Journey to the West, such as “the eight Pigs quit”, “Tang Sanzang” and “Sand Monk”.These answers are a bit of a no-brainer, not approved by the question-maker, and not the correct answer in the mind of the question-maker.Until a “Hu Suizhi” answer appeared, the subject nodded with satisfaction.Although “Hu Shi zhi” seems to have nothing to do with “Sun Walker”, this is the name of Hu Shi, a professor at Peking University.It can be carefully analyzed that “Hu Shi Zhi” is actually very corresponding to “Sun Daozi”.”Hu” and “Sun” are surnames, “Hu Sun” two words mean “monkey”, have the meaning of monkey, context corresponding;The second word “xing” and “shi” are both verbs. “Shi” means “to” in ancient Chinese, so the second word also echoes.The third character “zhe” and “zhi” are function words.It was the perfect answer for the question maker, but not the standard answer he had in mind.The standard answer is “Zu Chongzhi”, and the meaning of zu Chongzhi is very clear.First of all, Zu Chongzhi is a celebrity.Second, “zu” corresponds to “sun”, which is the corresponding of generation, “chong” corresponds to “xing”, which is the corresponding of verb, and the third character is all function words.The standard answer “Zu Chongzhi” is more neat than “Hu Shizhi”, but “Hu Shizhi” is the closest answer to the standard answer, it can be seen that the ability of the examinee is not general.The candidate was Zhou Zumo, a very famous linguist at Peking University in the future.In the entrance examination, his talent for language was revealed, which laid the foundation for his later career as a famous linguist.That year, Zhou zumo took the entrance exams of Peking University and Tsinghua University, and he was admitted by both schools.It was difficult for Zhou to choose between the Department of Chinese language and Literature at Peking University and the Department of English at Tsinghua University, so he finally joined Peking University because of the high tuition.The unusual person who makes the question is not the average person who answers the question, so the person who makes the question is also very important.The author of the paper is Chen Yinke, a famous historian who mainly studies classical literature and linguistics. He is a brilliant writer and enjoys writing poems in his daily life.At that time, there were “four great philosophers” in Tsinghua University, namely Chen Yinke, Ye Qisun, Mei Yiqi and Pan Guangdan. Chen Yinke was indeed a person once in a hundred years.Chen Yinke was invited by Liu Wendian, director of the Chinese language department of Tsinghua University, for the entrance exam. Chen yinke was not an ordinary person, so the topic was not ordinary.In addition to teaching at Tsinghua University, Chen yinque has made his mark in many universities.In addition to Chinese, Chen is also familiar with popular languages such as English, Japanese, French and German, as well as minority languages such as Turkic and Mongolian.With his rich experience and insight, Chen Yinke could come up with such a topic. His language talent is above ordinary people. Even the famous thinker Liang Qichao modestly said that Chen Yinke’s talent is above him.In addition, Chen’s style at the university is different from that of other professors.In addition to linguistics, Chen yinque has his own unique studies on religion and history, so he has become the most popular professor in Tsinghua University.However, Chen Yinque was very eccentric and established the principle of “four not speaking”.”We don’t talk about anything that has been said by our predecessors, our neighbors, foreigners or ourselves.”In other words, Chen only talks about something new, which has attracted a large number of “fanatical fans”, including famous professors Zhu Ziqing and Feng Youlan.In 1932, vernacular Chinese was in vogue, and “pair of pairs” was obviously inconsistent with the vernacular Chinese environment.At that time, many scholars expressed their own opinions and views on the tsinghua University entrance examination. They believed that it was going backwards in history, and it really killed the efforts of countless people dedicated to the Vernacular Chinese movement.For this matter, Chen Yinque also made his own explanation.”First, test the candidates to distinguish and use function words and content words in Chinese characters;Second, from the perspective of words pronunciation, it examines whether the examinee can distinguish the level and oblique sounds of words.Third, test the examinee’s knowledge reserve, enough reserve can answer the question;Fourth, examine students’ logical thinking. “Chen yinke successfully persuaded the audience by relying on four explanations.In fact, Chen yinque has a title from his favorite poet Dongpo’s poem: “I was afraid of Lu Walker before, but LATER I learned to call Han Tuizhi.”Han Yu, one of the eight families in the Tang and Song dynasties, is his name.Lu Walker is the common name of The famous Chinese Zen master Huineng, whose original surname is Lu.The two characters han and Lu are not only one of the hundreds of family names, Han and Lu was also vigorous and skillful in the Warring States Period, xing and tui are opposite verbs, zhe and xing are function words.The conclusion Chen Yinke perfectly borrowed this poem, he extracted from the poem into the couplet, which is a perfect conversion between literary genres.Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and what we have come into contact with may only be one star among the stars of knowledge, which are all the treasures left by our predecessors.We should inherit Chinese culture and then carry it forward.