In 49 years, the design of the national emblem was rejected several times because of illness. Zhou Enlai: It would be good to add ears of wheat

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In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there were still many contradictions that had not been solved and many new problems that needed to be reconsidered.At the beginning of the founding of new China, we also had to consider designing the national anthem, national emblem and national flag.The national anthem is a song that every teenager should learn to sing. We know it was written by Nie Er.The national flag is part of every school’s flag-raising ceremony every Monday, and we know where it comes from.But do you know who designed the national emblem?The design of the national emblem is not a generation of talented girl Lin Huiyin credit.Lin huiyin was married to liang Sicheng, a famous architectural designer, and their contributions to China were enormous.Although they didn’t go to war, they didn’t go to the front with guns and knives.But their passion for the motherland was in their blood. Lin and her husband Liang Sicheng led the design of China’s national emblem.One, a generation of talented girl Lin Huiyin do not know whether Lin Huiyin is familiar with, perhaps this name for some young people now, is some strange, but Xu Zhimo is certainly very familiar with it, xu Zhimo wrote again don’t Cambridge will back it.Then leave Cambridge is Xu Zhimo, in memory of Lin Huiyin and creation.Lin Huiyin is a talented girl of a generation. It is not enough to describe her as having poetry in her stomach.Xu Zhimo loved her, Jin Yuelin never married her, Liang Sicheng held her in the palm of his hand.Lin huiyin came from a scholarly family and studied in the UK when she was a teenager.She is not only successful in literature, but also in foreign languages.Famous architect Liang Sicheng and her husband, these are Lin huiyin’s labels.Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin accepted the task of designing the national emblem in July 1949, the National Political Consultative Conference to collect the design of the national emblem, and stressed that the national emblem must highlight China, to highlight the regime, to solemn and do not lose the style of a big country.At that time, there was a national emblem design team, but after a long time of design, none of the pictures were satisfactory.As time passes, everyone in the design team is very anxious, because the founding ceremony will be held on October 1, now the time is very tight.It took a long time to design the first draft, which featured a gear for the Worker-peasant alliance and a five-pointed star for the Chinese Communist Party.However, these patterns lack the unique characteristics of China.They are very anxious, so will also tell the situation to the superior, hope that the superior has instructions.Chairman MAO did not blame them after hearing about it, but told them that it was carefully designed.Later, in the design process of the national emblem, Comrade Zhou Enlai became the commander in chief, and invited Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin to participate in the design of the national emblem.After Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin received the job, they were both happy and sad.I am glad that I can have the opportunity to make a contribution to the motherland, but I am sad that I am afraid that I will drag down the progress of the design team and I do not know the result of the national emblem design.But they undertook this glorious and arduous task.At that time, Lin Huiyin had been seriously ill because of years of running.As an architect, Liang Sicheng had to travel everywhere to investigate during the war, and his health condition was deteriorating day by day.Shortly after receiving the design assignment, Lin came up with her first design while working at her desk continuously.Her designs were more inclusive and groundbreaking than her previous designs, but did not pass the final approval.At this time, Zhou Enlai suggested that the Tsinghua group, represented by Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin, should contact the former design group of the Central Academy of Fine Arts for joint design and mutual discussion.In this way, the two teams discuss each other, express their opinions, learn from each other’s strengths.Finally the design of the national emblem to be completed, at this critical time, Comrade Zhou Enlai expressed his views, so that Lin Huiyin immediately at the eyes of a bright, bright and another village.The question is whether to add ears of wheat and rice on the emblem, one representing the north and the other representing the south.Finally, with our joint efforts, the design of the national emblem was finally finalized.In 1950, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, represented by Chairman MAO, adopted the design of the national emblem.After completing the design of the national emblem, Liang sicheng and Lin Huiyin devoted themselves to new work. Even Lin huiyin struggled for her work before she died.Their dedication to the new China is supreme. Their blood and noble feelings in their hearts deserve our praise.Conclusion: they represent the generation, is hard work, plain, dare to sacrifice and dedication.In front of this year’s Tian ‘an gate, feng Lin’s speech under the national flag is beating the hearts of every young person.”Today, we stand in Tian ‘anmen Square, listening to the heart of the motherland.We will cry out loud – rest assured, the powerful nation is ours.